Программа "Наука": актуальные технологии на службе у российского спорта
В современном спорте каждая победа . это результат работы команды ученых. Эксперты Инновационного центра Олимпийского комитета ...

Наука: Учёные разработали гипотезу, объясняющую половые различия в заболеваниях
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Приходько: нацпроект "Наука" предусматривает сотрудничество с ЦЕРН
МОСКВА, 10 июн - РИА Новости. Нацпроект "Наука" предполагает сотрудничество российских специалистов с ...

Наука, логистика, кадры и АПК: за счет чего выиграет Новосибирск
С 6 по 8 июня при участии президента в России прошло одно из самых значимых событий в мире экономики и бизнеса - ПМЭФ-2019. Это ведущая площадка ...

Discrete Q-Distributions
# 10741870

Discrete Q-Distributions

7 798 р.

A self-contained study of the various applications and developments of discrete distribution theory Written by a well-known researcher in the field, Discrete q-Distributions features an organized presentation of discrete q-distributions based on the stochastic model of a sequence of independent Bernoulli trials

Discrete q-Distributions also features: Discussions of the definitions and theorems that highlight key concepts and results Several worked examples that illustrate the applications of the presented theory Numerous exercises at varying levels of difficulty that consolidate the concepts and results as well as complement, extend, or generalize the results Detailed hints and answers to all the exercises in an appendix to help less-experienced readers gain a better understanding of the content An up-to-date bibliography that includes the latest trends and advances in the field and provides a collective source for further research An Instructor’s Solutions Manual available on a companion website A unique reference for researchers and practitioners in statistics, mathematics, physics, engineering, and other applied sciences, Discrete q-Distributions is also an appropriate textbook for graduate-level courses in discrete statistical distributions, distribution theory, and combinatorics.

Further, the book examines two interesting stochastic models with success probability at any trial varying geometrically both with the number of trials and the number of successes and presents local and global limit theorems

In an effort to keep the book self-contained, the author covers all of the necessary basic q-sequences and q-functions

Next, the book addresses discrete q-distributions with success probability at a trial varying geometrically, with rate q, either with the number of previous trials or with the number of previous successes

The book begins with an introduction of the notions of a q-power, a q-factorial, and a q-binomial coefficient and proceeds to discuss the basic q-combinatorics and q-hypergeometric series